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HornRaiser Project Launches Today!

Every year, many talented UT undergraduate women majoring in chemistry work hard to tackle challenging research problems to increase their chances of attending their dream graduate program. However, costly application fees, test preparation materials, and administrative fees associated with sending transcripts and test scores to multiple programs limit access to these programs. We want to raise funds through our HornRaiser project to minimize these barriers to education for these hard-working undergraduate women chemists.

We know the education our women receive here at UT Austin is one of the best in the country -- and we want to send these talented students to the best institutions in the country and beyond. Help us empower our undergraduate chemists: be the catalyst that lowers the activation energy required to overcome these financial barriers to success!

Gifts of any size will help provide our undergraduate women with the funds needed for them to pursue a higher degree in chemistry. By donating today, you will be supporting bold women in STEM by creating a pathway for female scientists to succeed! Click here to donate!


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