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Vicky Ritter is an undergraduate BWIC member and a Junior majoring in Chemistry and German. She is a co-founder and treasurer of the Women in Science Society (WSS) with interest in reaching children from under-served communities. She has been conducting research in the Rose group performing inorganic synthesis lab since fall 2018 where she helps to create anthracene derivatives for attachment to p-type silicon solar cell surfaces. This research harnesses the unique physical properties of anthracene to allow higher conduction band activity and maximize charge collection from solar cells. She recently returned from Würzburg, Germany where she studied abroad for the summer semester.

Vicky’s study abroad group participating in the local “Weinwanderung” where people from the surrounding towns walk through the vineyards and sample local wines.

During her exchange in Germany, she was enrolled in German language in culture classes through the University of Würzburg. The program is coordinated through the UT study abroad office and focuses on language and culture immersion for UT students of all majors and classifications.

(Top) Vicky with her study abroad group enjoying an afternoon on the main river in Wuerzburg, (left) Vicky in attendance of the famous Christopher Street Day Pride Parade at Berlin on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, and (right) Vicky and her friends in front of the German Parliament in Berlin.

Outside of class, she got to experience the native Bavarian culture and enjoy cultural exchange with the German students she lived and schooled alongside. This experience gave Vicky the confidence to see international education as an exciting and viable option. After her undergraduate degree, Vicky plans to continue her education as a chemical engineering graduate student in Berlin, Germany.

(Top) Beer tent at the local "Kiliani Fest" celebrated every summer in the lower Franconia area of Germany, (left) a classic German cookout: bratwurst on a roll with a Radler which is a beer and lemonade mixture, and (right) Vicky trying a popular local ice cream called "spaghetti ice".

“Every field and facet of science can benefit from international dialogue. By learning to engage with students from a different culture, I am better equipped to work in our growingly globalized world. Women in STEM across the world are making huge impacts chemistry and it’s humbling to be considered a part of that community.” -- Vicky


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