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Kanchan Aggarwal is a fifth year Chemistry graduate student and BWIC member. Prior to joining Dr. Emily Que’s lab in the fall of 2015, she graduated from the Integrated Master’s program at IIT Roorkee, India. In the Que lab, her research focuses on the design of photoresponsive probes to control the activity of overexpressed proteins in cancer cells. Outside of her research, Kanchan enjoys mentoring students and promoting science through various student organizations including BWIC, Council of Graduate Chemists, and My Science My Life. Recently, she co-founded the Chemistry Student Safety Organization (CSSO) to promote safety in chemistry research labs. Over the summer of 2019, Kanchan was a Biochemistry Summer Intern at MyoKardia. Located in South San Francisco, MyoKardia develops drugs to treat cardiomyopathies and other form of heart failures resulting from biomechanical defects in cardia muscle contraction. Kanchan was a part of the team working on activators to target dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) due to sarcomeric mutations and impaired calcium regulation. Through various conformation- and structure-based activity assays, she discovered the mechanism of interaction between the drug and cardiac muscles.

Kanchan loved to participate in team-building activities such as volunteering at SF-Marin Food Bank (top right), having a Biochemistry Team weekend out at Lake Tahoe (second right), having a day out for bowling (third right), and giving her presentation for the entire company at the end of her internship (bottom right).

Kanchan enjoyed exploring the Bay Area with many great friends she made at and outside of work. Trips to Morro Bay, Lake Tahoe, Half Moon Bay, Muir Redwood Forest, Pier, and Golden gate park were her favorites.

Kanchan enjoyed making new friends and exploring the city with them during her internship. She is pictured hanging out with her friends at work, after work, and at a baseball game. Additional photos of Kanchan were taken at her favorite location spots: Golden Gate Bridge, Half Moon Bay, and the Pier.

“It was amazing to have the opportunity to work on pioneering science that could change the world for people with serious cardiovascular diseases. MyoKardia lives by its core values like “patients first” and “succeed together” which makes it a great place for innovation and learning. The inspirational conversations with executive members, the sessions for women empowerment, the career panel, the visits from patients were all things that made this experience invaluable.” -- Kanchan


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