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Announcing our BWIC-SAGA Scholars!

We are so proud to introduce the very first recipients of the Bold Women in Chemistry Scholarship for Assistance in Graduate Applications (BWIC-SAGA)! This scholarship was awarded to three amazing women in chemistry who are planning to pursue doctoral degrees in chemistry next year. Scroll down to meet these women and learn why we are honored to support them:

Jordan York is a senior majoring in Chemistry and has been a member of BWIC since it was founded in 2017. In addition to BWIC, she also participates in research on campus as a member of the HHMI Translational Research Initiative - Professional (TRIP) program, which prepares students for graduate school. A fun fact is that she was a member of the student organization Texas 4000 for Cancer and in the summer of 2019 she cycled from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK to fight cancer.

Deborah Zhuang was born at the very young age of 0 years in Baton Rouge before moving to Lubbock, TX at the turn of the century. Next thing you know, she’s enrolled at UT as a math major. The summer of her freshman year, she accidentally stumbled into a chemistry research lab and it was there that she discovered that…research, while slightly frustrating, was…fun? Fast forward a few years, add on a chemistry double major, and look at her now, applying to grad school for chemistry (oh, they grow up so fast). Some of Deborah’s hobbies include running around Austin, cooking, avoiding doing science, doing science, and attempting to do the daily crossword. In her 21 years on this planet, she still has not learned how to properly wink or whistle.

“I am a Computational Chemistry student with a full heart dedication to not just Chemistry but any other aspect of science that's related to Chemistry. I sometimes consider myself a science nerd but not really :P. Besides doing research, I also like traveling and enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking and camping with friends. I believe the key to success is to follow what you really like with all your efforts and even if you fall, believe in yourself that you can make it through.”

We admire the positivity, accomplishments, and motivation these three young women have demonstrated in their undergraduate careers, and we know that they will become incredible role models not only for young scientists, but for their peers and colleagues. Congratulations to all three 2019-2020 recipients - we can't wait to see what you do next!


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